Mother Goose Club Playhouse Presents Rhyme With Us! Digital Download

Mother Goose Club Playhouse features real-life kids being kids –singing, dancing, joking, rhyming and pretending! Mother Goose Club Playhouse will delight children and have them singing and dancing along in no time.

1 Star Light, Star Bright
2 The Wheels on the Bus
3 London Bridge Is Falling Down
4 Bingo
5 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
6 Three Little Kittens
7 See-Saw Margery Daw
8 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
9 Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
10 Pat-a-Cake
11 Wee Willie Winkie
12 The Farmer in the Dell
13 Girls and Boys Come out to Play
14 If You’re Happy and You Know It
15 Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat
16 I Had a Little Nut Tree
17 Lazy Mary
18 Row Row Row Your Boat
19 Georgie Porgie
20 Pease Porridge Hot
21 Ring Around the Rosy
22 The Grand Old Duke of York
23 Lavender’s Blue
24 Curly Locks
25 If All the World Were Paper
26 Little Boy Blue
27 Hickety Pickety
28 Muffin Man
29 Cackle Cackle Mother Goose
30 Brother John
31 Sally Go Round the Sun
32 Bees
33 Humpty Dumpty
34 Old King Cole
35 Simple Simon
36 Old Mother Hubbard
37 Doctor Foster
38 Skip to My Lou
39 Old Mother Goose
40 The Old Woman in a Basket
41 Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
42 Rockabye Baby
43 Pop Goes the Weasel
44 The Queen of Hearts
45 Hot Cross Buns
46 Going to St. Ives
47 Little Jack Horner
48 To Market, to Market
49 Peter Piper
50 Hark! Hark!
51 Little Miss Muffet
52 Polly, Put the Kettle On
53 Goosey Goosey Gander
54 Birds of a Feather
55 Diddle Diddle Dumpling
56 Jack Sprat
57 There Was a Little Girl
58 Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross
59 One Potato, Two Potato
60 Cock-a-Doodle-Doo

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